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Greetings from Chander M. Kapasi, MD, MPH.

Chairperson, AAPI Charitable Foundation


It is my high privilege and pleasure of serving as the Chair of the AAPI Charitable Foundation (CF). Serving CF is truly an epitome of many past years of my continuous and uninterrupted service to AAPI spanning over the past thirty seven years. I have also served as a chairperson of the AAPI Board of Trustees.


Charitable foundation is a true embodiment of selfless giving and service. I am very proud to state that seventeen free clinics operate under the banner of AAPI-CF in India and the number is growing. These clinics offer much needed disease care and disease prevention in areas where access to healthcare is scarce or unavailable to the indigent community. What started with small beginnings has now grown to a well recognized and much appreciated healthcare services in India and USA. AAPI-CF's selfless giving has brought recognition and praise to AAPI.


I thank the CF executive committee, board of directors,  clinic liaison officers in USA, and abroad for their tireless work in making ambitious CF projects of providing much needed healthcare to the indigent population in India possible. I thank all the local chapters for providing similar services in USA. Your combined efforts are appreciated. Thank you.


I congratulate the AAPI-K.N. Mullick Charitable Clinic and Foundation for serving the under-served members of the community of the Sant Kabir Nagar region of Uttar Pradesh, India. The charitable clinic in collaboration with the Rotary Club and Medanta Hospital in New Delhi have been serving the medical needs of the community in offering basic medical care, and additionally cardiology, neurology and preventive care since 2008. I congratulate the charitable clinic for its continuous and dedicated service to the community


Best wishes

Chander M Kapasi

Chander M. Kapasi, MD, MPH

Chairperson, AAPI-CF



2018-2020  Chander M. Kapasi, MD, MPH


2018-2020        Dr. Chander M. Kapasi, MD. MPH     

2016-2018        Dr. Madhu Aggarwal

2014-2016        Dr. Rakesh C. Gupta

2012-2014        Dr. Nick Shroff

2009-2011        Dr. Shashi S. Shah

2005-2009        Dr. Krishan Aggarwal

2003-2005        Dr. Radhu M. Agrawal

2001-2003        Dr. Sukh Dev Sharma

1999-2001        Dr. Bhimsen Rao

1995-1996        Dr. Indra Pandit

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Surendra Purohit, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

Vice-Chair, AAPI-CF


General and Vascular Surgeon in private practice in Covington, Louisiana. He has been practicing in the New Orleans, Louisiana area since 1979 and he has established himself as the top surgeon in this area and is very well respected by the local community. He has been in many leadership positions in the local community, among them are Chief of Staff of St. Tammany Parish Hospital, Chief of Staff and Board Trustees of Lakeview Regional Medical Center, and Medical Director of Gulf South Medical Center. He is also Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Dr. Surendra Purohit has been involved with AAPI organization for more than 32 years. His service to AAPI has been one of true dedication as reflected in the many roles he has and continues to be involved with. Dr. Purohit has served AAPI from the grassroots level and worked his way up to becoming the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Purohit has held many leadership positions in AAPI and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Charitable Foundation. In his tenure at AAPI, he was the Regional Director, Chairman of most AAPI committees, including the Political Action Committee, and in 1998 and was elected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. As Chairman of the Political Action Committee in the early 1990’s, Dr. Purohit was very instrumental in getting the Anti-discrimination bill against international physicians passed by Congress and ultimately signed by President George Bush. He has spearheaded and lobbied in Louisiana to pass the bill for Licensure Board to give temporary license to foreign medical graduates in order to get residency and after three years obtain permanent license. He has been a strong advocate of motivating our next generation of physicians. He has always put others before himself in anything he does which is reflected during his work with AAPI and also notably during Hurricane Katrina. He was honored by the local community of Louisiana where he sacrificed so much to help the needs of his community. Dr. Purohit was President of the Surgical Association of Indian-North America. In his role, he has been instrumental in putting together a CME in New Delhi, India by taking a group of U.S. surgeons to India and with the American College of Surgeons-India Chapter conducted a CME in New Delhi. The Vice President of India and Governor of New Delhi were present at the opening ceremony. 

Dr. Purohit has and continues to provide the AAPI organization with selfless service and dedication and is truly deserving of this recognition for his many years of service.  Dr Purohit has been awarded America’s Top Surgeons Award in General and Vascular Surgery, the Medal of Freedom by Republican Senators Inner Circle, the Most Distinguished Service Award from AAPI, the President Award from AAPI (twice), the Dr. Frist Humanitarian Award, and the Health Care Heroes Award of Louisiana.  

Among his political ties, in 1990, he was selected by then President George Herbert Walker Bush to be a Life-Member of the Republicans Senatorial Inner Circle, which is a group of leaders from all over the country that are active in the Republican Party agenda. He was also the recipient of the distinguished Medal of Freedom from the Republican Senate in 1992. 

Dr. Purohit has also formed close ties with former President George W. Bush, in which was selected by George W. Bush to be on his Campaign Finance Committee for Louisiana along with former Governor of Louisiana, Murphy James “Mike” Foster Jr., in which the committee raised $1.5 million for the 2000 election. 

Dr. Purohit has been a strong supporter of former Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, in which Dr. Purohit served as Medical Advisory Board for former Governor Bobby Jindal from 2008-2016. 

Dr. Purohit has served as Advisor on the Indo-U.S. Biomedical Research Foundation. 

Ajeet R. Singhvi, M.D.

Secretary, AAPI-CF


Ajeet D. Singhvi, M.D.

Secretary, AAPI-CF