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March 26, 2019 Mayo Clinic Specialist at AAPI-CF Mandi Clinic

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Specialists from the famous Mayo Clinic and leading specialists from Delhi offered their medical services and expertise to patients a the AAPI Charitable Foundation Mandi Clinic.

Yet another noteworthy first at the AAPI-CF Clinic Mandi H.P. AAPI-CF Clinic has accomplished yet another milestone by inviting world renowned medical experts from Mayo Clinic and specialists from Delhi to offer their expertise to the AAPI-Cf Mandi Clinic.

Drs. Chander and Onaly Kapasi have provided voluntary services to AAPI-CF clinic each year for the past 24 years. Last year they initiated COLS (Compression Only Life Support) training to school students, local citizens, college students, home guards, police, and uniformed services. The COLS training was yet another milestone. Dr. Chander Kapasi, chairwoman of the Charitable Foundation stressed importance of healthy eating habits and daily exercises two years ago. The program is now a yearly event.

Mayo Healthcare super specialists at MANDI AAPI-CF Clinic

Patients Waiting For their Turn

Neurosurgery Consultation

Goodbye to Knee Pain

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